3 Great Restaurants in Austin

Austin is a great place for visit. Thousands of tourists visit the place a year and they love the perfect climate and the great beauty of the well decorated metropolis. It is the capital city of the Texas and bears perfect support for the US with its economic and social life.

Food habit of the place has also been one of the best in US and it essentially implies that the place will bear the perfect resolution of the restaurants. There are numerous restaurants in that location. Out of them there are three that are extremely prominent. Below are those three restaurants that are renowned to provide the best quality food in Texas and in the entire US.


uchiThe great restaurant is regarded as one of the best restaurant of the state and that is the best thing that the lodge will provide you. The hotel is having the best dishes of Asian foods and it is known to be the best provider of the Japanese Cuisine. The excellent service along with the food quality is going to make you and your family support with the best host. This is one of the best restaurants of the state and that is the key factor that is going to make you feel a royal homage. Visit the place for two most important reasons:

  • It is the best provider of Japanese Cuisine

  • It is the winner of traveler’s choice of 2014

Franklin Barbecue


The restaurant is another top one of the state and is also regarded as a premier of the entire nation. It has been awarded the certificate of excellence from the cuisine support and that is the key thing that has been assigned with it. The vegetarian and the Franklin special food supply with the perfect hostage of the restaurant have made it one of the most elegant of all the hotels of the nation and of the state too.

Eddie V’s Edgewater Grille

Eddie Vs Edgewater GrilleAre you a lover of the sea foods? Here is the best chance of getting them for your prepared and grilled for you. The best restaurant of Texas is one of the most reputed one, not only of the city or province, but also of the nation. The perfect support of the restaurant in the grilled sea food is often preferred by the tourists, for the perfect delicious taste of them. You must not miss the foods, by any chance once you get to Austin.

The above 3 restaurants does not mark the end of the list of top popular restaurants of Austin, as There are many more restaurants which are very popular in Austin which you must visit to taste the food. If you are looking for the best restaurants then search for the top 10 Austin restaurants and try to pay a visit and we are sure you will love the taste of the food served by the chefs in these restaurants. Visit Austin and taste the food out here to satisfy your taste bud.

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